About Workplace Languages

About Workplace Languages


Edward Rosheim is the Owner and President of Workplace Languages, a corporate language training company and international translation agency. Workplace Languages, a St. Paul, Minnesota based company, has been providing corporate language solutions since 1998. Their motto has always been, “Any Language. Any Industry.Any Time.” Best Translation Services

Workplace Languages provides workforce-related consulting services to businesses in the areas of: onsite language training, multilingual voiceovers, the development of customized bilingual tools and translation services. The goal is to help companies effectively close all communication gaps that result in decreased productivity, safety concerns and retention issues.


Workplace Languages is now offering business executives a six-day / seven night Spanish language and cultural immersion program with a choice of either Santiago, Chile, Lima, Peru or Buenos Aires, Argentina!


Workplace Languages’ philosophy on language training is to give the individual only what she/he needs to get her/his point across and to build rapport with all co-workers. With all classes grammar is eliminated as much as possible. Workplace Languages understands that you don’t want to be a language major. You just simply need to be understood.


Business is global. Business is about people. Do your high-potential employees communicate effectively and confidently enough with colleagues and customers in this highly-competitive, globalized marketplace? Are they poised to lead your organization to greater success? Best Translation Services


You need a partner that specializes in understanding and solving the language and culture challenges of both native and non-native English speakers in today’s diverse organizations.


Offerings include:


  • Written translation services – over 100 languages offered
  • Onsite language training for companies
  • Corporate language audits
  • Multilingual voiceover services
  • Video production / dubbing
  • Spanish immersion trips for executives to Mexico, Chile and Argentina
  • Creation of customized work-specific bilingual products
  • Corporate English proficiency assessments / testing
  • Transcriptions



Company Name:                   Workplace Languages


Contact email:                      Info@WorkplaceLanguages.com


Website:                                www.WorkplaceLanguages.com


Hours of Operation:            7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday


Address:                                                11405 Ivywood Trail

                                                Woodbury, Minnesota  55129


Phone:                                   (651) 436-8221 (Direct)

                                                (866) 330-9419 (Toll Free)




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